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Onboarding new clients has long been a slow, admin-filled, back and fourth process for business owners.

That all changes with Fruitbowl 🍉

In one smart platform, Fruitbowl combines invoicing with contract signing to make onboarding one effotless motion for you and your business.

How does this help me?

1. Your precious time gets free'd up, allowing you to focus on the other, more exciting parts of your business

2. Your clients are immediatley impressed with the way they've been onboarded, setting the relationship in the right direction. 

How does it work

1. Create Your Invoice

With our user friendly design, we've made it super easy to create an invoice and also attatch a document that can be e-signed.

fruitbowl.io invoice payment

2. Client Pays & Signs

When your client sees the invoice, they'll be able to immediately settle it using a bank
card on our hosted invoice page. 

They'll also be prompted to digitally sign any documents that you've attatched.

view Invoices fruitbowl.io

3. Boom! That's It

It's that simple. View the paid invoice & signed document in your Fruitbowl dashboard.

Your client is also sent a full invoice reciept and copy of the document automatically.

Save Time & Engage Your Clients


One Seamless Platform

Fruitbowl combines both invoicing and contract signing so that you can onboard new clients easily without having to hop between multiple platforms


User Friendly Experience

We designed Fruitbowl to be as easy to use as possible. Not only will you have a breeze creating invoices, your clients will also love the simplicity when they come to pay.


Total Control

Whether you put your clients on retainers or bill them once off, Fruitbowl allows for full customization of invoices. 

Take Charge of the Care You Receive

Who is Fruitbowl for?

Our customers are service providers that put a strong focus on running their business efficiently.

If that's you 👇

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